Why You Should Stop Being Fake Just to Sell Yourself on the Internet

“Are you using a manufactured personality to be heard on the internet?”

YouTuber Crabstickz poses this question in a video. His video doesn’t look like much more than just him holding up this question, but it is.

In the beginning, Chris fixes his hair several times to get the “right look.” It proves that he’s acting like he needs to meet a certain appearance expectation in order for him to proceed with his message.

There are appearance and personality expectations for every site for every category of internet personality or blogger, and I really think it bogs people down who want to create their own content that’s not mainstream. Don’t let it.

Alan Moore, the writer of Watchmen and V for Vendetta looks as zany as his stories are, but that’s what makes him so genius. He didn’t write about superhumans, these perfect beings who couldn’t be beaten. He wrote about humans that had already been defeated in life, who were broken and selfish, but that’s what made them so easy to connect to. They’re all like you and me.

TLDR: Manufactured personalities are commonly used by bloggers as their products. You can’t achieve it, so you’ll keep running after it. But if you’re just yourself, your product will be the emotional connection you have human-to-human.

Which do you think is better?


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