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Jessica Buonanno started her internet journey on Xanga with her first screen name being “LukeGurl” since every middle-schooler heavily influenced by the 90s loved both the Star Wars pre-sequels and the trendy misspellings of words. Needless to say, she’s totally not like that anymore.

Throughout middle school, she went on to roleplay a Star Wars OC named Kyon (KIE-on) who lived in the traditional Mark Hamill universe who saved a lady-Jedi from a mistake-of-a-boyfriend who wanted to wipe out her entire starfleet. Let’s just say she killed him and put a ring on his gurl. This is when she realized how awesome escapism could be for both relieving stress and for growing as a person in a safe environment.

Then myspace happened. Literally the most dangerous site a teen could be on. She spent hours looking for sweet layouts, customizing her site’s playlist, and adjusting her Top 5. This is when she realized the internet was becoming more of a means of projecting social status, and it didn’t seem fun anymore.

The next boom was Youtube. She tried youtubing for a month, but it quickly became obviously that the reason she couldn’t connect with an audience on camera was the same reason she couldn’t connect with people in person: she was shy and had a terrible haircut. She needed something more covert.

Her one friends who was the original hipster literally before it was cool found Tumblr before its fame. It was more terrifying than myspace, but at least there wasn’t social competition. Her high schooler brain could fill itself with information that it actually wanted to learn. When Tumblr finally became a thing, BBC Sherlock was heavily a thing, so she spent most of her time fangirling, being in on the newest jokes about Cumberbatch’s killer cheekbones.

But then she thought to myself, “What if there’s more to life than being a fangirl?” That’s when she started her sort-of-first blog, TheBuonanno, which hosted all the fiction that she wrote. It really helped define who she was as an author and gave her the confidence to start writing a novel.

And now she’s here, nearly married, starting a snarky lifestyle blog. It’s always been one of those silly dreams of hers, the type of thing that doesn’t fit in with all of her other artistic goals, but why be all business when she has Star Wars roleplaying in her past? She don’t want to take myself too seriously as she grows with age, so this blog will hopefully keep her young, relevant, and a little bit sassy all while helping others and making them laugh.


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